Decorated Product Help Items

How do I order online?
Log-In using the same username and password as our standard ordering site. If you do not have a username and password please contact customer service at: 1.800.733.1033.
How do I make an offline order?
You must use our P.O. if you do not have that click here.
Email art and P.O. to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Specify P.O. # in subject line of your email with correct art attached.
Specify your in hands date
Provide location of art
# of garments for order with the correct size and color.
Shipping and billing address.

The only products available using our offline ordering are Direct on Garment, Sublimated Blankets, and Laser Etched products. You will be charged a handling fee of:
1-24 unit orders add an additional $10.00 handling charge to your order.
25+ unit orders add an additional $15.00 handling charge to your order.
Variable data orders:
1-24 unit orders add an additional $25.00 handling charge to your order.
25+ unit orders add an additional $50.00 handling charge to your order.
What is the standard turn around time?
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , place the associated P.O. # in the subject line of your email.
Color Help
Can you match PMS colors?
NO, This is a digital process and does not accept pms matching in any way.
Why do you recommend creating art in CMYK format?
CMYK color is a subtractive color model which is what all printing devices use when printing; RGB is an additive model for display on computer monitors. Therefore, when your artwork is being printed the printer itself will convert all artwork to CMYK mode. This is why we recommend previewing your artwork in CMYK mode prior to uploading to the online tool.
To insure the least amount of color shift please create the art in CMYK format.The brighter, more intense the color, the greater the chance it will switch when converted to CMYK format
Do you have recommended color builds I can use to ensure color accuracy?
NEW Color reference chart
Use the chart below to find accurate color builds for the color your trying to match. If you find the color your looking for in the chart below copy the CMYK values and use those percentages when selecting color in programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw.

For color matching Colorado Timberline recommends you first submit a sample order using the swatches below on the product you are planning to order. You can do this be going into the design tool > selecting your product > select clipart > select the Color Swatch category > place onto your product and submit your order. Once you receive this order you will see the actual color printed on your product. This will allow you to get great color output in the future.
*This is only a recommendation to get close to the expected color output. Colorado Timberline does not do color matching.There will be some color variance from order to order*

File Help
Why can't I use a .jpg with darks?
Because your file will print a white square around your art work Jpg's are not layered files and because of this will not support transparency. So what you see on your screen will print! We require .png when submitting art for dark products.
What are dark garment file requirements and how do I prepare my artwork?
We Only accept file in .PNG format only
All files must be 300 DPI
All files should have a TRANSPARENT Background.
We only accept art with clean edges on the outer most edge.

NO fades or gradients that fade into the garment color.

Type outside of art should be at least 30 points in size

Your art should not exceed 10" X 12"
Because of the inherent difficulties of printing on absorbent material we can NOT guarantee 100% color matching.
Laser Etching Help
What is required when submitting Laser Etched orders?

- Files must be at least 100dpi in one of the following formats (.JPEG or .PNG)
- Files must be black, no color or gradients
- Fonts smaller than 30 point will not work!
- Images must be block style. Any fine detail will not show when lasered in fleece! (SEE DIAGRAM)
- Pre-Production sample must be approved prior to order fulfillment
Help submitting my files
What is an FTP and how do I use yours?
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol

File Transfer Protocol (FTP), a standard Internet protocol, is the simplest way to exchange files between computers on the Internet. FTP is commonly used to transfer Web page files from their creator to the computer that acts as their server for everyone on the Internet. It's also commonly used to download programs and other files to your computer from other servers.
Click here to LINK to our FTP Page
or using Internet Explorer, visit

Please Note: User Name and Passwords are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as they appear below.
USER NAME - timber_art
Password - ArtAccess!
Internet Explorer 7.0 users
Click on the page dropdown on the top right of Internet Explorer, then select "Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer".
This will allow you to drag and drop files into our ftp site.
Requirements and other FTP related issues:
User must be using Microsoft WIndows Explorer (Browser)
Macintosh does not support this method of FTP unless you use a secondary software solution.
How do I ZIP a file?
The ZIP file format is a popular data compression and archival format. A ZIP file contains one or more files that have been compressed, to reduce their file size, or stored as-is.

WinZip and Stuffit
There are two main programs for stuffing or zipping a file, WinZip and Stuffit. Use either software to stuff a file, by downloading and following their instructions.
WINZIP (Click to visit the website)
STUFFIT (Click to visit the website)
What garments of yours can I print on?
Cotton - we can print on lights and darks.
Poly-Dri - We can print on lights only
We cannot print a white underlay on any polyester blend.