Wholesale Non-Decorated Product Help Items

Can I track my orders online?
Yes!!! Login to your account and click Invoices at the top.
Can I add to the order I just placed?
No, once an order has been submitted, items may not be added to the order. You may enter another order. Multiple orders will not ship together.
What product items are on back order?
Back order arrival dates are listed in the order matrix. To view the order matrix, log into the blank goods website and navigating to the product.
How much will shipping cost me?
The exact amount is not known until the order is shipped. You can estimate the freight by going to UPS.com
Can you change how my order is shipping once it is shipped with UPS?
You cannot change the ship method once it is shipped.
What credit cards do we accept?
American Express
No Discover
How soon can I pick up my will call order?
Please allow 4 business hours for the warehouse to process.
What is the price of the products?
Prices for blank goods will display after logging into the web site.
What is the weight of the SJF (365 g) AND HJF (440 g)?
365 GRAMS IS 13.5 oz
440 GRAMS IS 15.5 oz
What do you have in inventory?
Inventory quantities and back order arrival dates will display after logging into the blank goods web site.
Can I get a discount to get ATB or SPB without the strap?
No, and we charge .25/each to remove the strap.
What products do you carry in TALLS?
MSJ black & navy
HWJ spice & navy
CWJ spice & navy
WSG black & navy
SPF black & navy
SVF black & navy
SJF black & navy
PGM black & navy
PQ5 black, white & navy
BCP black, white & navy
PQL black & navy
What color is the stripe on the collar for the PPM, PKL, PGM & PTL have?
How do I set up a new account?
Click here Print out either the New Account form for credit card or the Credit Application for terms. Credit card accounts will take 24 hours and terms can take longer depending on how long it takes their credit references to get back to us.
What is my login to order wholesale non-decorated product?
Click here On the log in page, select the "Forgot your password?", enter your email and you will receive password reset instructions via email.